To become a hunter education instructor, contact your regional coordinator listed below.The hunter education instructor application
process consists of the following requirements. All applicants must:
1) be at least 18 years of age
2) successfully complete the hunter education course prior to submitting an application
​ 3) contact the local regional coordinator and submit an application form for review
4) not have been convicted of any felony
5) submit fingerprints and background investigation information
6) complete a course of study prior to taking a supervised examination covering the basic topics of hunter education
​ 7) Upon successful completion of the application and initial screening, the applicant is certified and issued an instructor’s identification
card and start-up kit. An applicant may be required to student teach under the direction of an experienced instructor prior to teaching
classes on their own.

District                                 Coordinator                     Email                                     Phone
Northern District                   Peter Blake                (530) 529-7160
North Coast District               Bart Bundesen           (415) 892-0073
Central District                     Shawn Olague             (209) 827-0895
Southern District                   Mike Norris              (562) 429-7249
Hunter Education Instructor Application Process

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